Monday, December 11, 2017

View from the Boat Yard

We've had our boat, Watermark, hoisted out of the water at one of the small shipyards, repairing some minor damage from one of the typhoons and cleaning, recaulking, and resealing the hull. We've continued to stay aboard for the last few days, which has been another adventure in itself, but has offered new views of the activity in the Typhoon Shelter.

This one is from our top stern deck, looking directly across the channel to Ap Lei Chau Island. The new (now just 1 year old) MTR train bridge is to the right next to the Ap Lei Chau Highway Bridge. It's been fun to have this vantage point to watch the variety of the traffic of small boats and trawlers flowing past us as they make their way under the bridges.

If luck holds, we will have Watermark in the water and back to her home mooring tomorrow.

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