Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fire in the Typhoon Shelter

Fire in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, Hong Kong

An explosion aboard a boat about 10:30 Tuesday night, August 25, quickly led to a huge fire that burned both it and spread to another boat moored along side. Many brave people who live and work in the Typhoon Shelter rescued those close by , moved them to safety, and fought the fire to prevent it from spreading further. The Marine Department's Fire Boat and Hong Kong Fire Department Pumpers responded, and while they could not save the two burning boats, were able to contain the flames so that no other boats had serious damage. Our boat, Watermark was unharmed. No one was injured.

Photo by Samantha Butler, RTHK News

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Anchor Watch in the Typhoon Shelter

On a ship, the "Anchor Watch" are the crew assigned to check that everything is ok and the ship is safely moored and not drifting. On Watermark, "Anchor Watch" is the time of day to just sit on the bow deck together, sip a cool drink, and have nothing more important to do than just enjoy watching the sun go down...

Home to the Typhoon Shelter from Travels

Enjoying the weekend being home in Hong Kong. Last week at this time, Cambodia. Next week at this time, Dhaka, Bangladesh...

Hong Kong Observatory - "Wind Gusts to 70kph may affect Hong Kong"