Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Typhoon That Did Not Happen

Typhoon Season has begun for the South China Sea and the regions around Hong Kong.  Last week, as Tropical Cyclone Talim approached in the  morning hours of Wednesday, the Hong Kong Observatory raised its Typhoon Signal 3 alert.   Businesses and government services would remain open, but preparations for higher winds and torrential rains should be made.

My wife and I prepared Watermark, tightening the mooring lines to the neighboring boat, folding the canvas deck canopies, and lashing the deck furniture down, before calling a sampan and going on to work in the morning as usual.   I fully expected to return home in the evening under a heavy rain and a possible Typhoon Signal 8, which would close offices and transportation.

From my office in Mongkok,  all of us watched the weather during the day, which continued to be windy, grey and overcast with light rain.  But during the late afternoon, as I was working at my desk, I sensed the light in my office change. Looking up from my laptop screen and directly out my window, I was amazed to see the most impressive rainbow I have ever experienced.

Hong Kong had been missed by Talim, and the weather cleared.  I can't predict what the rest of Typhoon Season will bring to Hong Kong, the Typhoon Shelter, and Watermark, but I do know that this particular day ended with another of nature's spectacular displays, which was by far better than the one of high wind and heavy rain that was expected