Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rolex 50th Anniversary China Sea Race

The Crew of "Red Eye" departing the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter to join the race from Hong Kong to Subic Bay, Philippines.

The first running of the China Sea Race was in 1962, and has been held every two years since.   This year "Red Eye" is among the 26 boats starting the race from off shore of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club on Victoria Harbour. Boats from Australia, Singapore, and Philippines are competing alongside those from Hong Kong.

The course is approximately 570 nautical miles, and may take up to four days to complete.

"Red Eye" at her home in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter.

Wishing our friends on the crew and local Typhoon Shelter favorite, "Red Eye",  great sailing and a great race!

For more information about this prestigious and challenging Blue Water Sailing race, see:

and an update - "Redeye" successfully completed the race arriving at the finish in the Philippines on Easter Sunday at 11:32 am.   Well done "Redeye" and Crew!

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