Sunday, September 25, 2011

Home from Patrol: Marine Police have a home in the Typhoon Shelter

Hong Kong's Marine Police Southern Division is based in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter.  
As neighbors in the Shelter, their presence is reassuring.  They maintain a number of craft in the Harbour, ranging from ocean going patrol launches to  smaller tactical "go fast boats".  

The largest of these is PL 6 56 "Detector".  This craft patrols the sea lanes as well as the areas around the dozens of islands that are under Hong Kong's jurisdiction.

I see her mast lights at night and pass her daily as she makes her early morning and nightly patrols, returning to her dock at the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter.

I wish her and her crew well in the work that they do patrolling  one of the worlds busiest waterways.

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